4 Special Ergonomic Chairs That Let You Work More and Worry Less

If you already have an ergonomic chair for your home or office, you may think that it can’t get much better in terms of support for your lower back and improved posture. However, there are hundreds of styles and models of ergonomic chairs to help add some personality to your workspace.

Whether you want to exercise while at work or recline while doing the weekly report, there’s a unique ergonomic chair that will cater to your physical needs and preferences. If any of the ergonomic chair styles listed below appeal to you, go for a test drive at your local office supply store.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

An ergonomic kneeling chair puts the user in an alternative sitting position. What’s so unique about this particular type of chair is that it has no backrest. Ergonomic kneeling chairs slide your hips in a forward motion to align your back, shoulders, and neck. This puts you in a naturally erect and comfortable position. Most of your support will come from the kneeling chair seat, with additional support against your shins.

This type of chair distributes the weight between your pelvis and knees. What this does is reduce compression of the spine and causes less strain in your lower back and muscles. The chair also has a natural forward slant which encourages good posture and overall spine health.

Ergonomic Saddle Chair

The ergonomic saddle chair is has a shaped seat, reminiscent of a horse saddle. It puts you in a position that’s a cross between sitting and standing. This position is similar to the one you’d take when riding a horse, hence the name.

When used correctly, the ergonomic saddle chair causes your legs to drop and splay, which puts your lower body in a healthy alignment. This chair is good for people who suffer from lower back problems as that area is actively working when sitting. If the chair is used for a long period of time, it could even strengthen the muscles in your back.
A great feature about these chairs is that they have adjustable heights; so they can move up or down to better allow your legs to land on the footrest. With this chair, you may never have to worry about lower circulation problems or lack of support in your lumbar region.

Ergonomic Exercise Balls

You’ve probably seen this apparatus on television. You may have even seen it in an office or two. These exercise balls double as ergonomic chairs. Exercise ball chairs are strong enough for long-term sitting usage by people of almost all shapes and sizes.
One of the wonderful qualities of this chair is that it forces the user to utilize action and movement while sitting still. The constant movement that occurs while maintaining balance forces your legs to move, which activates circulation and keeps your muscles active and working. This, in turn, lowers the risk of stress and fatigue in your lower half.
When you sit on an exercise ball, you’re also a lot less likely to slouch. This will improve your posture over the long run. Exercise balls come in different shapes and heights, which will allow you to find one that lets you sit at your desk comfortably. If you really want to do something different with your exercise ball, you may be able to find ones with base frames on which wheels are attached. This will allow you a bit more freedom to move around your work area. You can even buy exercise balls with attached backrests.

Ergonomic Chair Recliner

Some people with back problems find that they get the most support when they sit in a reclined position. This is especially true for people with certain back problems, such as lumbar spinal stenosis or degenerative disks in their backs. Many of these people find that they have better support when they recline in their chairs and have their feet planted firmly on a footrest. If you have one of these disorders, you can find an ergonomic chair recliner with an attached table that allows you to work on a laptop or handle paper documents.

There are as many varieties of ergonomic chairs as there are back issues. The process of trying out different types of ergonomic chairs may seem like a quixotic search, but the worth of a chair that’s perfectly fitted for you and your back can’t be measured.