Why Your Old Wooden Window Is a Keeper

Why Your Old Wooden Window Is a Keeper

Old Wooden Windows

Windows have a lot to do with a home or a building’s aesthetic appeal as well as structural functionality. It is one of the first elements people notice as they walk pass or walk up to a home.

These days you can find all sorts of windows from every shape, size, and design. But there’s nothing like an old wooden window that possesses so much charm and history. It, in and of itself, can be a priceless gem, more so when it’s part of an old historical building.

Sometimes newer isn’t always better, especially when the older element still has life within itself. This, of course, would be in reference to old wooden windows whose existence is slowly being taken over by aluminum clad and vinyl replacements. Although efficient, these modern-day windows lack the craftsmanship and personality that many antique windows have.

People who live in homes with old wooden windows sometimes take for granted the significance of such pieces and therefore are more inclined to replacing them rather than finding ways to restore the old window back to its fully functional and elegant state.

Benefits of Restoring and not Replacing Old Wooden Windows

Almost any part of a home that’s 40, 50 or even 100 years old can be salvaged; windows in particular. Many of the olden day windows feature a sash cord and pulley counterweight system, which is a truly unique feature. You’d be hard-pressed to find those types of window these days at your local hardware store. There are so many benefits to restoring your old windows as suppose to just replacing them completely with something that’s likely to be less quality and generic.

Other benefits you might experience with restoring old wooden windows are:

  • Keeping your old windows will preserve the design quality and harmony of your home which will help to keep its period aesthetic and style
  • Old windows are usually made from “old growth wood” which is a type of lumber that came from the massive virgin forests that once covered North America, these days old growth wood is very rare and hard to come by
  • Windows from long ago were usually made from older and larger trees whose grains were much tighter, and therefore would result in more durable, long-lasting wood
  • The quality of older windows are more resilient and far more superior than the materials that new windows of today are manufactured from
  • Not only is the wood from old windows valuable, but the glass of which the panes are made from can be just as unique; these are often hand blown or float glass which was typical for windows back then
  • If your old window is still in good to fair condition, restoring them can be the more cost-effective option
  • Some restorations don’t require the complete removal of a window which presents little to no damage to surrounding structures as well as the window cavity, replacements may cause more damage
  • Getting older windows to become more efficient is not difficult to do, so you can still enjoy having the original structures in your home without risking high utility bills
  • Sometimes it just takes a fresh coat of paint to make all the difference, which is considerably cheaper than completely replacing the window
  • There are many companies out there who would be willing to do the job for you so you can rest assured that your old wooden windows are in good experienced hands
  • Keeping the original windows in an old or historical home will definitely increase the value of the home

These are just some key factors you should consider before going out and replacing all your old wooden windows.

The Benefits of Sash Window Draught Proofing

Sash windows are very unique as they function on a sash cord and pulley counterweight system, which is a distinctive feature of an old window. Unfortunately, when these windows were being made decades ago, their overall structure and design lacked proficiency when it came to conserving energy, lowering heating bills and providing good insulation.

To get your sash windows up to par, it’s highly recommended to get them draught-proofed. Draught proofing involves filling in the gaps around the window structure that tend to seep cold air in and hot air out. This often causes heating bills to skyrocket during colder months because the heating system has to continually work to heat the cold air that enters the home. Draught proofing provides plenty of benefits to both your sash windows and heating bills.

You can improve the state of your old windows by giving them more stability when you get them draught-proofed. Sometimes the presence of unwanted gaps can result in rattling and noisy windows. Once the gaps have been filled, the rattling and noise will instantly cease to exist. Also, you will soon discover that draught proofing your windows will reduce your heating bills since the presence of cold air is no longer an issue for your heater. You’ll experience overall better insulation as well as savings. There’s nothing like a warm comfy home during the winter season and extra money in your pocket.