5 Tips For Women Managing Work & Home

5 Tips For Women Managing Work & Home

Being a homemaker or a 5 to 9 working person is no easy task, both are stressful and time-consuming. Neither of these is any less aggravating. In fact, they are equally challenging and arduous. But when it comes down to managing home and work together, it becomes a herculean task. And a woman of current times is often obliged to keep up with managing both home and work. To survive this backbreaking lifestyle, you might want to look into some of the tips given below to help yourself ease out a bit on your daily struggle to balance out home and work.

Keep home and work separate: The first tip is the most common one, something that you keep hearing time and again. It might seem like a very simple advice but keeping home and work separate will lead to a more controlled and healthy life. When you bring work tensions home, you will be in a perplexed state of mind, you won’t be able to concentrate on your family, neither will your work get any easier. This will ruin your family time; your spouse and children will be dissatisfied and disappointed with your inattention to them. And bringing the stress of home to work will do you no good either. You will lag in both.

Seek assistance: Women often take the role of a mother too seriously, hence they feel guilty to take any kind of assistance in raising. They are neither satisfied at home while taking care of the baby because of all the office stress nor at the office, as the feeling of guilt eats them up from inside. Rather than dwelling on how you are not with your child, you must think about how you are benefitting the family by working. You are being able to fulfill the needs of your children and more. Therefore, a woman should never shy away from taking help of babysitters, nannies or daycare centers.

Be organized: Being disciplined is the key to survive this lifestyle. Prepare a routine for yourself and your children, and try to be religious about it. Let your children know when they should do their homework, what time is the dinner, how much time they can watch television, at what time they need to wake up. And for you, according to your priorities prepare the routine. Make your routine in a way that you are being able to give quality time to your children and your spouse.

Take a break: Holidays are great stress busters. After toiling hard at the office and home the whole year round, you deserve a well-earned break. Go for a holiday in some exotic island or mountain with your dear ones; breath some fresh air, it will refresh your mind and body, coming back from which you will be able to work with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Holidays don’t only mean flying away to extraordinary places. If your income does not give you the liberty to be extravagant, go to some nearby beautiful yet inexpensive places, there are many, for a week or two, go to picnics, hikes, parks with your family.

Me time: Myriad of work demands and expectations from your spouse and children might be weighing you down. Try to not lose yourself in it, fit some ‘me time’ in your routine to keep yourself sane in this demanding lifestyle. Have some time dedicated to yourself, do things that you love, like losing yourself in a book, playing table tennis or any other sports, which will recharge you, go for a spa day once a week, go for long drive all on your own to clear your head, take a relaxing bubble bath, etc. No matter how hectic your life gets, always have time for yourself for some rejuvenation and only then you will prove to be an effective employee, a wife, and a mother.


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