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The 10 Best Dating Tips for Men and Women Discussed

What is the best way to date? What should be your way to approach your love interest? These questions often bother people who are trying to impress their new-found love interest.

With technology booming and dating apps being a common sight on social media and the internet, people often scroll the internet to learn dating tips. However, it is advisable to always get a good mix of opinions, when it comes to dating.

Be it your mother, friends, or some experts online or offline, a mix of perspectives can always help you make the best decision. Here is a brief discussion on the ten best dating tips for men and women

For men around the world, these five dating tips will surely help you.

#Tip 1: Be honest and show your true self.

Often, when you are trying to impress your love interest, there is a natural inclination to agree with everything that they say. You also pretend that you are interested in a topic that you usually don’t care about. This is not how you can impress women as the moment they learn that you were only pretending, things can go haywire. So, be open and honest about what you feel about any conversation. Never lie or stretch the truth. Show what you truly are; this will help you even gain attention.

#Tip 2: Tell her about your hobbies and interests.

Women find it interesting to talk about hobbies and interests. So, in the first conversation, let your lady interest get to know you. You might have a lot of things to talk about, but you can save them for later. Most women like to talk about a man’s personal interests and hobbies in their first conversation so that they can learn more about them.

#Tip 3: Go slow and let things take their own course.

Do not rush into things. There is natural tendency to get too excited about a new relationship. This often leads us to move things forward a bit more quickly than it’s necessary. Women, generally, like to take things slow. So, on the first few dates, go slow and let things take their own course at their own pace of time.

#Tip 4: Give her enough reasons to trust you.

Trust is the first thing that helps build a strong foundation. When you give a woman reasons to trust you, the woman automatically feels attracted to you. Apart from the trust, a good sense of humour is also important. However, without trust, even good humour would not work well.

#Tip 5: Tell her what you like about her.

If you are trying to woo a woman online, refrain from sending a “Hi,” “Hello,” or “Hey.” Most women tend to ignore such advances. The best way to gain her sight is by complimenting her. Tell her what you like about her profile and give subtle compliments. This will make her feel interested to respond to you. If you are meeting your lady love for the first time, try to get to know her. Tell her what you like about her and show interest in knowing where her interests lie.

For the damsels who are trying to find love, remember these five dating tips:

#Tip 1: If he interests you, make the first move.

If you are of the belief that men do not like women who approach them first, what you think is not true. Be it online or offline, men like it when women make the first move. So, if you are interested in a man and aren’t sure if you should say a “Hi,” just say it. He might be someone you liked when you are at the cafe or a bar or someone you have been stalking online. So, beat the odds and talk to him. This move often works in the girls’ favor.

#Tip 2: Always keep honesty on a high pedestal.

Besides physical attraction that men often look for, honesty is something they really value. Men like to date women whom they can trust. A woman who is trustworthy enough is often very attractive to the opposite sex. Besides honesty, a good sense of humour is also what men find attractive in women.

#Tip 3. Be open-minded and know what you want.

It can be very tempting to move on from the man who doesn’t fit into your idea of the right man. Many a times, the man you are interested in might not live up to your expectations in the first few days, but that does not mean that you would walk away from him right away. Always remember to slow down and keep your mind open. Once you know what you want, keep your pace slow and give the man enough time to understand what your expectations are.

#Tip 4: Talk about your hobbies and interests.

Men, just like women, like to get to know the lady they are dating in their first few conversations. Although the flirtatious banter is attractive, do not overdo it. Instead, let the man know where your interests lie. Talk about your hobbies and what interests you. If your man is interested to learn more about you, you are making a right choice.

#Tip 5: Tell them when it doesn’t seem to work out.

Definite signals are necessary. A man can get stressed to a great extent if they do not get a definite answer from you. If you like them, show them. Often, if you do not give away your answer, the man assumes that you are not into him. So, although you do not need to be explicit right at the start, show them how you feel in subtle and interesting ways. Do not keep the curiosity for too long; if you like him, just tell him.

With these dating tips, you will surely be able to start your relationship on an interesting note and take it further.

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